Berry Farms Eye Care

Dr. Jana Crim and her team at Berry Farms Eye Care are committed to helping you and your family see, look, and feel your best. As a mother of three busy boys, Dr. Crim knows that establishing good habits around eyecare can’t start soon enough. Her approach to vision wellness starts as early as infancy with her InfantSEE™ program that provides free comprehensive eye exams to children under age 1 at no charge. As your children develop, she makes sure they are seeing clearly and processing visual information accurately. Adults are guided through a lifetime of healthy vision conducting annual vision exams and prescribing the right lenses and eye care to match your lifestyle.

Whether the demand is school, sports, computer fatigue, or as simple as reading the menu, the health and wellness of your eyes matters. Not only will Berry Farms Eye Care help you see more clearly with the right contacts or frames for you, we take great care in preventing ocular diseases such as glaucoma, macular degeneration and diabetic retinopathy. They want to take excellent care of the gift you have been given – your vision. Nestled in the Berry Farms community of Franklin, Tennessee, Dr. Jana and the Berry Farms EyeCare team help you see beautifully.

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